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Flight permits are central to the services provided by Jet Sharp. Our dedicated permits team remove the complexity in obtaining permits including those for time-critical emergency and MEDEVAC missions. We ensure all necessary route and flight authorisations can be obtained for our customers in the shortest possible time period.


All aspects of coordinating the flight and obtaining necessary clearances and permits can be expertly handled by Jet Sharp. There are an increasing number of regulations and exemptions dependent on origin, and procedures for the issuance of these permits vary from country to country. Significant savings however, can result from adequate forethought and through advance planning.


Common permit types can include:

  • Schedule and block permits
  • Take-off and Temporary Landing Permits (TLP)
  • Landing and overflight clearances
  • Diplomatic permits
  • UK and Ireland API
  • EU Third-Country Operator (TCO) Authorisation
  • Fuel tax exemptions
  • Cabotage rights
  • Airfield PPR


Maintaining strong relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) around the world, Jet Sharp are able to strategically plan and manage for all necessary permits. Our teams have a comprehensive knowledge of procedures for the issuance of flight permits across the various air spaces on any given route. With continual updates on the latest requirements by the various aviation authorities, our teams are well-versed on the latest information with regards to aviation regulations worldwide.

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