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Jet Sharp is recognised for concierge services to meet the needs of VIP travellers. All services offered are bespoke and are designed to fulfil the requirements of highly discerning travellers.Working at our locations around the globe, our multi-lingual concierge team is available to address the needs of VIPs.  


Jet Sharp provides a dedicated concierge service team tasked with ensuring all aspects of our clients’ itineraries are customised to any specified requirements. The concierge team has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle all bookings and requested services.

Concierge services will include visa assistance and passport expediting for VIP clients. Travel insurance is also available, and Jet Sharp can provide any security required for safe travel around the globe.


Travellers using Jet Sharp concierge can rest assured ground transportation, including limousine or helicopter transfers, car rentals, as well as hotel bookings, meet and greet services and fine dining recommendations and reservations will be available upon arrival. The team will also arrange for tours and guides if requested or arrange to book clients into a luxury spa to relax and rejuvenate after a flight.

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