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Jet Sharp has developed invaluable relationships, building a large base of operating partners over the years. This enables us to provide high-level and cost-efficient air charter services for our clients.


Jet Sharp offers charter services for corporate, leisure and diplomatic travellers as well as offering cargo, governmental, humanitarian and medical charter services. Passenger charters can be arranged at short notice, with expert teams to assure high levels of service, convenience and privacy at all times. To accommodate the needs of our clients, a variety of charter services are available for both domestic and international travel.

Flights can be arranged through Jet Sharp for both groups and individuals, and for all types and categories of aircraft. We can also arrange cargo and humanitarian flights.


Jet Sharp’s medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) services respond rapidly to emergency situations, setting up priority flights on demand.

If you are considering charter for business or for leisure purposes, it is certainly worth considering some of the many benefits as an alternative over commercial flights, examples of which might include:

  • Time efficiency
  • Privacy
  • Access to airports designated exclusively business aircraft
  • Access to bespoke Concierge services
  • Pet services and the ability to take pets on-board
  • Better storage and care for luggage and greater baggage allowances
  • Private Executive Aviation Terminals and luxury on-ground facilities
  • Check-in just 10 minutes before your flight
  • Swift clearances with on-site customs and immigration
  • Faster airport transit

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